Who We Are

Support with Actions In business Ventures and health Education (S.A.V.E.) is an NGO which was fully registered on the 20th of Febuary 2017 by the NGO  Board at the Foreign Affairs Jinja Road in Uganda.


About us

Our Vision is To unlock the full potential of the people to build and sustain Healthy Communities.

The Mission is to Empower our communities to break the cycle of poverty, hunger and Illeteracy.


Our Objectives are ; 

Training young People in business and Intrepreneurial skills through the help of local business institutions.

•To finance labour intensive Projects that provide Income Opportunities to Participating Youth Groups.

•To reduce the vulnulability of unemployed young Women and men by Enhancing the effectiveness of our NGO Programs.

•To Expand the communities Acces to social and economic infrastructure

•To help the young people to develope Critical thinking ,social and political awareness,artistic skills and Core Values. This can also make them aware that their Opinions and Decisions matter.


Our Motto : Be the change you want to See in life.



This project will help us to create changes that strengthen  the development in communities especially in rular areas and will also build a strong foundation for our future .



AECS is our first project under S.a.v.e. and it is to serve as the first point contact for accident and emergency cases in Uganda.

-Officially launched in September 2017-