Our Vision

To unlock the full potential of the people to build and sustain Healthy Communities.

 The Mission

To Empower our communities to break the cycle of poverty, hunger and healthy illeteracy.


Welcome to SWAVE

Support with Actions In business Ventures and health Education (S.W.A.V.E.) is an NGO which was fully registered on the 20th of Febuary 2017 by the NGO Board at the Foreign Affairs Jinja Road in Uganda.

This project will help us to create changes that strengthen the development in communities especially in rular areas and will also build a strong foundation for our future.

Our Objectives are ;

•Training young People in business and Intrepreneurial skills through the help of local business institutions.

•To finance labour intensive Projects that provide Income Opportunities to Participating Youth Groups.

•To reduce the vulnulability of unemployed young Women and men by Enhancing the effectiveness of our NGO Programs.

•To Expand the communities Acces to social and economic infrastructure

•To help the young people to develope Critical thinking ,social and political awareness,artistic skills and Core Values. This can also make them aware that their Opinions and Decisions matter.

•To educate people about Environmental Health, Physical Health, Social Health, Emotional Health, Intellectual Health and Spiritual Health as well as Sexual and reproductive  health education.

•To create a platform to improve on health literacy by sharing knowledge and training life skills which are beneficial to individual and Community Health.



First Aid Africa

By donating to First Aid Africa you can help a community to access free first aid training and sustainable equipment, so they can help themselves in an emergency. It will take approximately 45 seconds and could save a life.

You can empower a whole community by donating today.


Coming Soon

Students During Demostration

This was attended by the secondary; students, teachers and Head-teachers. Nursing school students, delegates from SWAVE UG.The theme was FIRST AID IS A PRIORITY FOR ALL, focusing on engaging the communities. As a humanitarian organization that aims at saving the lives, SWAVE will respond to emergencies as one of the health interventions in the communities where we operate.

SMASAKA School of nursing

The MASAKA school of nursing school joined SWAVE UG to participate in the first health talk and First Aid training agenda, held in Masaka recently. The activity was held on 3th & 4th NOV 2017 at st Jude SSS and Norte Dame SSS respectively.

Training at St Jude SS Masaka

During the activity, SWAVE shared its role in building community resilience for health protection. Speaking during the ministerial break out session on vulnerable communities and the roles of students and the community volunteers in First Aid delivery. 

S4 student at st. Jude SSS

Thank you SWAVE

Am delighted to be part of this wonderful session full of learning health skills to attend to emergence situations. You (SAVE) Should come back to update and follow up on the progress of our save club we are initiating soon.


Student Notredame ss Masaka

Every Organisation should be this way

Outstanding Training, Outstanding Support, Outstanding skills and Ethics...Every one should follow these guys. WELL WORTH IT!

Bob Kagwa

Trainee Quote 3

I love SWAVE

And your support is great! For me the support for a product is the most important thing, and you really understand what you are doing.

Peter Jumba